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Knotted Braid for Long Hair

This is simply a basic 3-strand braid tied into a knot and the knot pinned to the back of the head to make the hair look shorter.  If you ask "why would I want to make my hair look shorter for a day?", you probably don't have long enough hair for this.  I recommend a minimum of upper-hip-length hair.


  1. Begin with hair no shorter that waist-length - hip length is better.
    (This is knee-length.)
  1. Braid a basic 3-strand braid, fairly high on the head.  Aim for just below the crown of the head.
  1. Pull the base of the braid gently to the left while looping it around to the right.
  1. Cross the braid over the base of the braid.
  1. Fold the tail of the braid around the base of the braid and pull the tail outward through the loop created.
  1. Twist the knot gently clockwise, if necessary, to put the crossover exactly on top so that the braid hangs straight down.
  1. Pin the knot to the head.  I suggest using four bobbypins or a pair of hair sticks.
    Hair sticks work well, but decrease the illusion that the knot is a fake-hair scrunchie.
Here's the knot with a bit of braid hanging out...
...or you can remove the ponytail holder at this point and make it a ponytail coming out of the knot.

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