Braiding Instructions

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Basic 3-Strand

The three strand braid is the most basic braid, and the form most commonly known.

Terms to Know:

To cut out wordiness, I have decided to name the webbed area between the fingers. 

  • Slot 1 is between the thumb and index fingers.
  • Slot 2 is between the index and middle fingers.
  • Slot 3 is between the middle and ring fingers.
  • Slot 4 is between the ring and little fingers.

Right and left hands will be denoted by a capital R or L after the slot number.  For example, 1R is between the thumb and index finger of the right hand.


  1. Gather the hair into a smooth bundle (combing the hair back as necessary) to the place where you want to begin the braid.
  2. Insert your right hand from the bottom up to separate the hair into 3 strands.
  1. Hold the far right strand in slot 1R, the middle strand in slot 2 (or 3)R, and the far left strand in slot 1L.
  2. Rotate your right hand palm down and put the strand from slot 1R into slot 2 (or 3)L.
  1. Shift the strand in your right hand to slot 1R.
  2. Rotate your left hand and put the strand from slot 1L to slot 2 (or 3)R.
  1. Shift the strand in your left hand to slot 1L.
  2. Repeat steps 4-7 down to the end of the hair.
  1. Tie off the end of the braid with a rubber band or other hair fastener.


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