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Accents are small braids, often simple three-strands, which are used to accent the major braid.  The hair for them is carefully sectioned off and kept out of the way while braiding the main braid.


Accents on a Crown braid:

  1. Learn the dutch (or french) crown.
  2. Pick up the first (top) and second (bottom) sections of hair in turn and braid them as described in the crown instructions.
  3. Pick up a section of hair from the top of the crown to the base of the neck.
  4. Hook the hair hair where it will remain out of the way.
  1. Continue braiding the crown until the crown braid has been finished and rubber banded.
  1. Pick up the section previously set aside.
  2. Section the hair into three parts.  Run your hand down the lengths and make sure all three are the same length.  If they aren't, reapportion the hair until they are.
  3. Move the source of the accent braid as close to the crown as possible and braid as for simple three-strand.  (You can use a more elaborate braid if you wish.)
  1. Loop the hair so that it drapes near the base of the scalp.
  2. Pin the braid to the outside base of the crown.

Note: if the hair is especially long, you might want to loop the braid back towards its point of origin and pin it again there, leaving two loops of accent.

  1. Lay the tail end of the braid back along the crown and pin it down. 
  2. Complete as per Crown instructions, making sure to cover the tail end of the accent braid with the end of the crown braid.
Accents on a dutch braid
  1. Choose where you want the accent braids to start.  At that point in the braid, take a section (or a section on either side) as if to add, but move them out of the way instead of adding them to the braid.
  2. Complete the dutch braid.
  1. Braid each accent as for a simple three-strand braid.  Make the braid wherever you would like it to start.
  2. Pin the end of the accent under the section of hair above where the accent braid originates.  Do the same on the other side.
  1. Be creative with the hair, if the accents hang longer than you think looks good.  In this case, I looped and pinned them at the top of the loops.
Violá, a dutch braid with two looped accent braids.
Warning!  This braid has been known to induce cats in some people. ;-)


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