Braiding Instructions

Braid Examples




Twist Braids

To find instructions on how to do each of the braids, click on the links below the pictures.


Basic Twist Twist Up the Back 

(same as basic, but in the opposite direction.  At the end, just pin into a bun)

Perfect Twist Classic with two accents Perfect Twist Classic with two accents
Twist Classic to Ponytail Twist Classic Twist Classic Perfect Twist Classic
Perfect Twist Combo Perfect Twist Combo Twist to 3-strand Low Combo Variation on Twist to 3-strand Combo (only one strand on each side is actually twisted)
Twist Crown Rosestem (Twist Classic with one half looped under other side then pinned, other half left down) Rosestem Rosestem
Twist Classic Twist Classic tied with ribbon to look like Crown (attempt at Italian hair taping look)


Dutch Braids French Braids 5-Strands
Lace Braids Twist Braids 4-Strands


See examples listed by style rather than technique.


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