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Braiding Instructions


How to make smooth braids - How do you make it look so nice?  Tips for making smooth braids.

Braiding Technique:

Basic Three-strand braid French braid Dutch braid
(basic technique for cornrows)

Lace braid (across the top, in this example)

Five Strand braid/Odd number of strands method Square Four Strand braid Herringbone braid (aka fishbone, fishtail, etc.) Twist braid
Perimeter braid

Flat Four Strand braid/Even number of strands method

This has a design flaw - it twists.  I prefer an odd number of strands.


Go to http//cornrows.co.uk/cornrowslinks.html  

Braiding Styles:

Crown braid (can be done with a French, Dutch, 4-strand, 5-strand, etc.) Combination braid (any time two braids join into one, it's a combo braid) Classic braid (two braids of any type, usually pinned up) Rosestem (like the classic, but only half pinned)
Cascade, aka Cascading Crown (like the crown, but with hair hanging down in back) Loose braid (any no. strands, square four-strand looks good)    

Braiding Yourself:

French Braid      


Lord of the Rings Hair Styles:

Legolas Braid Eowyn Hairstyle Arwen as in TTT

(text only)


Braiding Styles for Particularly Long Hair:

Long Hair Knot - this braid makes long hair look shorter.  If you have to ask why anyone would want their hair to look shorter for a day, your hair is probably too short. Long Hair Tuck - again, if you have to ask why, this isn't for you.

Finishing Braids:

Accent braids

Who's involved in Dreamweaver Braiding?

Meet the Braider

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