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Here there be braids.

The purpose of this page is to provide hair braiding instructions to anyone who wants them, to be a resource for my various hobbies, and  to give friends access to my songs.  If you have any ideas for braids that aren't here, or care to share any hair braiding tips, please email me.

This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer, I'm sad to say.  Netscape has a variety of problems with it, depending on the version level.  Opera, however, has had no problems to date with this page.

New! 02/07/07 Wow, but it's been just a little while....  I've changed email addresses.  The one that comes with the website only holds 100 emails.  I get more spam messages than that per day.  Hence, I'm going to hotmail.  I'm also adding spamguard text to the mail links.  Remember to manually delete anything that says to remove it when emailing me.

  Several new things, none of them big.  
1) Updated the Braider Connection page with another braider or two.
2) Dreamweaver Braiding was mentioned in a supermarket tabloid!  The website gets a mention in the March 6th Celebrity Living, pg. 27, sited as a place to learn how to do a herringbone.
3) I've started an advice column on LiveJournal.  Want to ask for advice from a complete stranger with no real credentials?  Great!  Go to http://dear-lizzy.livejournal.com

  I added a page of (huge, poorly formatted) photos of Bardic Wind, with links to their Yahoo group and web page.  They're a fun acrobatics troupe.  

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Here there be hair braiding instructions for French braids, dutch braids, ... many types of braids, in fact.



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